portfolio management & market risk

  • A Compact Processing Platform for Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Asset Managers, Trading Boutiques, Investment & Fund Managers.
  • Keeps Positions, Cash, Fees, Commissions, and Other Key Information for both Trade and Settlement Dates.
  • Performs Detailed P&L Calculations and Other Analytics at both Position and Portfolio Levels.
  • Supports Multi-currency Transaction booking, Flexible Complex Corporate Action Creation and Management.
  • Enables Client Reporting and Administration, Product and Pricing Entry, via Simple and Easy-to-Use Windows.
  • Can Produce various Internal and External Exception Reports e.g. Custodians Exceptions, Compliance Limits.
  • Easy Setup and Integration into Existing Applications and Systems. It can run also on a variety of Technology platforms including: Windows, Unix, Linux.
  • Integrates with associated Portfolio Optimizer and Value-at-Risk (VaR) Systems.
  • Flexibility of the Solution enables special features to be added on request.

Portfolio Management, Value-at-Risk, Technical Analysis, Asset Allocation