Organizations require appropriate on-demand advice, training, and solutions in order to improve the bottom-line. Strategy, Technology, and Training are key ingredients in enabling the fulfillment of these needs. Our experience means we are in a unique position to give innovative and creative services, to ensure positive outcomes for your organization via our Products and Services.

business training

Some of our courses have pioneered the launching of new products and services in Emerging Markets e.g. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Market Indices, Market Making for the NSE, Financial Products and Asset Classes.

Our offering features: private coaching; lively, interactive, and results-driven workshops; practical training sessions with simulations; and realistic proven methods for personal and organisational change. A few key points:

operational risk management

  • For Organisations with Multi-Business Units.
  • Hierarchical Escalation & Notification System to Nominated Staff.
  • Management Information Reporting and Graphs.
  • Easy to Use with ability to run on Intranet or Internet.
  • Active Directory Interface for existing logins of an organization with security and roles.
  • Configurable Fields as necessary.
  • Integrated Online Training and Assessment of Staff.

mobile services

  • Leverages Web applications via GPRS and SMS Technology
  • Offers Mobile Information, Mobile Commerce, and Notification Services.
  • Easy Setup and Integration into Existing Applications.
  • Supports most standard protocols e.g. CIMD2, EMI/UCP, SMPP, SMS2000.
  • Connects to a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) via TCP/IP or a GSM Phone.


  • All modules are based on Open Source. This offers our clients increased reliability for their businesses, development speed in getting to the market, and broader market appeal for their products.
  • All the essentials of a Business System: Management of Inventory; Products